Vortex: The Gateway is released!

We are happy to announce that the game has left Early Access and is now released. A lot of new things were implemented such as the story mode, the completely re-factored survival mode and a bunch of other changes in the game including bug fixes and performance improvements. We hope that you’ll like it! Of course we won’t stop fixing bugs if they arise. Good luck with the island and its creatures!

Vortex: The Gateway closed BETA

Dear supporters,

First of all thank you for your contribution to the project! We have learned a lot of your feedbacks and ideas during the development. As Vortex: The Gateway has entered to a closed BETA phase we don’t plan to release updates until the release date, which is planned to be at the end of March. The final date will be announced later.

We can now promise that with the release you’ll get double the types of enemies, enlarged map, a story mode and a lot more! At this phase we’ve decided not to spoil too much from the game and the story line, but we’ll show you screenshots and videos as we are getting closer to the release date.

You, as an owner of Vortex: The Gateway, have already helped us a lot, but we’ll ask some more help by spreading the word to forums and communities. As we’ll release some teasers and screenshots we’ll ask you to show your community that the game has potential, so we can grow our fan base before the release date and of course after that as well :)

One more thing you have to know: the multiplayer mode is still planned, but we’ll have to postpone it after the release as a free update.

Thanks again for your support, and we’ll keep you posted!
Check our Steam page in the meanwhile.

Vortex: The Gateway – Early Access in game screenshots

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Vortex: The Gateway got greenlit on Steam

Thank you for your support, our game Vortex: The Gateway got greenlit on Steam Greenlight. This means that we can publish the Early Access version of the game whenever we are ready for it which is planned to be in early fall 2015.